Is Wear and Tear Covered by Auto Insurance?

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what's damages are covered by insurance?

Find out if your car insurance policy will help with the ravages of time.

Generally, your auto insurance will not cover maintenance for wear and tear or mechanical breakdowns. This is because these costs are expected and simply part of your responsibility as a car owner. While your insurance will not cover wear and tear, car insurance will cover other damages to your car. Read on to learn how you can differentiate between regular wear and tear and insurance covered damages.

Wear and Tear

Wear and tear is damage that is considered natural and inevitable. These small damages are a result of aging, use, and environmental exposures. Because wear and tear is expected, your car insurance will not offer coverage to address these damages. Common examples of car wear and tear include the following:

  • Rust/peeling paint
  • Interior scuffs and ripped upholstery
  • Worn mechanical parts (such as engine parts, brakes, and axels)
  • Electronic failures
  • General maintenance

Car Damage

Covered car damages are those that are unexpected and caused by circumstances outside of the natural aging process. Events such as a collision, vandalism, theft, fire, and extreme weather events are common causes behind car damage. Some of the most common covered damages include:

  • Windshield damage
  • Dents (from collisions, severe weather, animal life, projectiles, and so on)
  • Vandalism (scraped paint, spray paint, smashed windows, slashed tires, and so on)
  • Fire

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