Prepare Your Business for These Summer Risks

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protect your business this summer

Watch out for these summer risks.

While summer introduces a wide variety of new business opportunities, it also introduces new risks for your business. While having the right business insurance protection is a great way to manage your risk, this doesn’t mean you should stop being vigilant. Here are some of the business risks that you should watch out for this summer.

Heat-Related Illnesses

If your business requires your employees to work outside, it’s important that you keep an eye out for any workers that might be displaying signs of heat-related illness. During the hot summer months, heat exhaustion and heat stroke are common illnesses that can afflict individuals who become dehydrated and overheated while out in the sun. In extreme instances, heat stroke even has the potential to be deadly. This is why it’s so important to encourage your workers to drink lots of fluids and rest in the shade whenever possible. Additionally, you should try to limit your business’s outdoor work to early morning and early evening hours when it is cooler outside. Watch out for early signs of heat-related illness such as rapid heartbeat, throbbing headache, weakness, excessive sweating, nausea, confusion, dizziness, and so on.

Sunburn and Skin Cancer

While sunburn might not seem like a big deal, prolonged exposure to the sun’s damaging rays can actually result in peeling, blistering skin and second-degree burns. To make matters worse, sun burn is just the beginning of more serious problems. Individuals that spend extended periods of time in direct sunlight can even develop more dangerous skin conditions such as certain skin cancers. To prevent this risk, you should have any employees working outdoors apply a high-SPF sunscreen and have them reapply every two hours or so. Additionally, you should also encourage them to cover up in light long-sleeved shirts and long pants to reduce the amount of skin they are exposing to the sun. Finally, you should try to limit outdoor activities when the sun is at its strongest.

Watch out for these serious risks this summer.  If you want to protect your employees and your business this season, then it’s important to make sure that you have the proper business insurance in place.  For assistance with your business’s coverage needs, contact the experts at John Scott Insurance.  We are ready to get you the coverage that you need today.

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