The Insurance Your Small Business Needs This Winter

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The Insurance Your Small Business Needs This Winter, business insurance

Learn the types of business insurance your company needs to survive the winter.

Winter can be brutal on small businesses.  With the extreme weather conditions, it can be difficult enough to get customers through your door.  The last thing you need to deal with is any issues that could have been easily covered by business insurance.  Here are some of the essential types of insurance your business needs this winter.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If your employees drive company vehicles on the job, then it’s important that they have the coverage to stay safe as they navigate the roads.  Because winter weather conditions (hail, ice, and snow) can increase even the most experienced driver’s chances of getting into an accident, you should make sure you have the right coverage in place.  Commercial auto insurance covers the cost of damages, medical payments, and can even cover the damages caused by extreme weather conditions.

Business Liability Insurance

During the winter months, ice and snow around your place of business increases the chances of an accident happening on your property.  Having business liability insurance will protect your business from any liability issues or lawsuits that your company might face.  This type of insurance will cover injury and damage claims and can even cover the expenses related to your business’s legal defense.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

While every business with employees should have worker’s compensation insurance, it’s even more important to have this type of coverage during the winter.  Because icy and wet conditions can increase your employees’ of getting into an accident, it’s vital that you can cover the expenses associated with an injured worker.  Worker’s compensation insurance covers the medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and makes up for the wages lost when an employee is injured or becomes sick while on the job.  However, keep in mind that worker’s comp is also beneficial to the business owner.  If an injured employee intends to sue, then worker’s compensation insurance will cover your legal costs.

These are some of the must-have types of business insurance that you need this winter.  If you are interested in getting your business the coverage it needs this winter, then contact the experts at John Scott Insurance.  Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with all your insurance needs.

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